Monday, September 11, 2006

MotoGP 2006 - Sepang, 09 Sept 2006

A young pretty REPSOL Team grid girl @ the pit.

A mechanic testing out the Fortuna 250cc bike before race.

Sete Gibernau stretching out on his Ducati heading for warm-up lap.

A Repsol rider came out from the pit for warm-up lap.

Loris Capirossi giving a thumb up to another competitor while heading for warm-up lap.

Me getting lucky to met up with Kawasaki Team Grid girls at the back of pit lane.

Begining of 250cc Moto GP race.

Rossi moving out for warm-up lap from the pit.

Action of 250 cc Moto GP riders fighting for pole position @ the starting grid.

Here with a very friendly Ducati Team Manager who brought us aroung the Ducati Team Pit and explaining great details of how and what are the involvements of a great racing team.

Picture of Sete Gibernau Ducati - No.15 (Bike ready for race)

An experience in the Ducati Marlboro Racing pit during the race. Here standing with Loris Capirossi Ducati - No. 65

It was my lucky day to meet up & take a photo with the International DJ who played @ Speedzone Rave Party at Sepang. DJ MISTRESS BARBARA, ITALY.

Me with Ms Caroline in the VIP Village Marlboro Suite.

Picture of Loris Capirossi - Ducati No. 65 (Bike ready for race)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Helmet Collection

I'm a big fan of racing helmet design. They give an individual style and icon. So far manage to collect 2 helmets. One from Arai and the other from Shark.

Got a good deal for this Arai (Tetsuya Harada) helmet in Ipoh. Called up the owner and make the bookings on 2004 Christmas Eve and drove all the way up to Ipoh to get it the next following day (Christmas Day. Sound carzy but love the helmet too much...what to do? Got it for 450).

Shark helmet is somehow by accident won in ebay. did not realise that shipping charges from UK is really expensive. It cost more than the helmet but anyway I still love it coz it's a limited edition in the graphic. Helmet cost £32.00 and the shipping charges cost £36.50, total £68.50. Phew! I had a shock of my life!

Anyway, paid for it by bankers cheque through courier. Been very excited to received it within 2 weeks time. Waited and waited...after 2 weeks. No sign of it... been worried that it got lost or stolen in the custom clearence...damn!!!! There it goes, so decided to email to
Mat Turnham to check whether he can check with his post office on the postal receipt for the helmet. Replied, it was sent right after clearence of payment. It was sure an unfortunate year as Tsunami came about during the period. Shipment was being delayed. It took almost 2 months and lastly it arrived.

My Car to Conceptualize

This is my new car, a Perodua MyVi. A same design as Toyota Passo or Daihatsu Boon in Japan. This will be my next car to design and conceptualize. Got this car on 19th May 2006. After 3 days of driving, i've made a kick start on this car. Changed into 16" sport rims and Firenza High Performance Tyres (Japan) and Lowering Coil Springs (GAB, Japan). After 2 weeks, I've tinted all windows and rear glass with Gold tint and replace all 4 door visors to Passo visors.
In the same week, I've added an arm rest in the console area to give a little more space for storage of parking receipts and some small misc stuff.

At this moment, total expenditure:
Sport Rims 16" (SSW) + Tyres = 1680 (actual @ 2180 deduct trade in original)
Coil Springs (GAB) + Labour Charges = 530
Gold Tint = 250
Passo Visor = 120
Arm Rest = 49

Newly Added Mod:
Zenden Air Filter (Drop-in) = 120
Ultra Racing Strut Bar (used) = 90
Pivot Voltage Stablalizer & Grounding Cables (NIB) = FOC (present by a good friend)

The next item I'm gonna add is the rear spoiler as picture above. It cost about 280 comes with LED third brake lights but without painting.

Monday, June 19, 2006


CreatiVamp, is a creative, concept & design by Eddvamp. What you gonna see are all designs and concepts being put together and create a whole new idea of design for cars.

Eventually it's all taken from any cars available on the street and making it more stylish, sporty and even personnalize towards individual taste.